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About Dan O'Brien







Profile of Dan O'Brien

Graphic Design and Signmaking Advisor, 1993-present



Dan has been traveling from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Nunavut most every year since 1993. He has been an Arts Advisor, teaching sign making and graphic design to the printmakers at the Uqqurmiut Center for Arts & Crafts and has worked with the Department of Sustainable Development and Arctic College in Iqaluit, teaching design and communications.

Dan and his partner, Karen Sherwood, own and operate Design North, an award-winning graphic design and advertising company in Halifax. Design North serves clients in a variety of sectors from small business startups to federal and provincial government agencies and universities. They develop and publish Atlantic Community Vision, Black to Business, Ahennwa, and Nova Scotia Community Vision Magazines. Design North is “agency of record“ for major hotels, production houses and movie production companies in Nova Scotia. They have designed posters and collateral items for a variety of clients, including Black History Month Association, Health Canada's Cultural Health Information and Interpreting Service, Council on African Canadian Education (CACE), Houston North Gallery and the Sable Island Preservation Trust, to name just a few.

Design North has recently designed CD covers and collateral for a number of award-winning recording artists, including Tiyaila Cain Grant, Adrien Gough, Harvey Millar, and Four the Moment. They also have designed video covers and promotional materials for the National Film Board of Canada and Triad Films, including John Houston's award-winning Songs in Stone and Nuliajuk: Mother of the Sea Beasts.

Design North is responsible for the visual identity and logo design of a number of public and private companies. Dan is particularly proud to have worked with renowned Inuit artist Andrew Qappik in designing and developing the graphic identity for the new Territory of Nunavut in 1999.

Dan has been invited as a guest lecturer in the School of Public Relations at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax.


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