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About Deborah Hickman







Profile of Deborah Hickman

Advisor to the Pangnirtung Tapestry Studio, 1980-present



My prime interest is creativity, my own and others. Creativity is a force for development of self and community. I weave tapestries to better understand what moves me, to better love what I love. Whether with children in schools, groups of people in community or students of weaving, I work with the belief that creativity empowers.

Some of my pursuits include: writing about people making art; weaving tapestries, most of which exhibit abroad; teaching art in schools and in community programs; teaching tapestry weaving; consulting on projects which combine creativity and business; working creatively in my home community.

I have worked with the Pangnirtung weavers since 1980, first as the resident manager then as their visiting arts advisor. They have given me more than I could ever hope to give them.



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