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Jaco Ishulutaq


(Scroll down to see past examples of Jaco's sculptures)



Year of Birth: 1951

Place of Birth: Pangnirtung, Baffin Island, Nunavut

Jaco started carving at the age of sixteen, encouraged by his mother, the well-known artist Eleesapee Ishulutaq. He learned about technique by watching his grandfather, and he is equally comfortable with antler, ivory, whalebone, and soapstone. Jaco has also produced graphics work for the archives at the Uqqurmiut Centre, choosing images based on stories told by his grandfather. Some of his drawings have been used by the Pangnirtung printmakers and weavers in their annual collections. Today Jaco is the most prolific carver in the area, and he makes an excellent living from his art. His pieces are highly sought and are exhibited in fine art galleries all over the world. An active participant in Pangnirtung community life, Jaco also instructs wilderness survival courses and volunteers to serve with the Pangnirtung Rangers, a local rescue and security team.


Traditional Drum Dancer, 2001




The Drum Dancer's Ecstacy, 2002




Possessed by Spirits, 2002



Shaman, 2002




Qalupaliq (Sea Monster), 2001



Shaman Face, 2001




Nanuq Momaquk (Bear Transformation), 2001



Eight Masks, 2001



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