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2007 Pangnirtung Community Print Collection

Foreword by Peter Wilson, General Manager

Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts & Crafts [2001-present]


This year’s print collection is dedicated to the memory of

Enookie Akulukjuk, 1943-2006, Artist/Printmaker

Ananaisie Alikatuktuk, 1944-2007, Artist/Printmaker

Joanasie Maniapik, 1936-2007, Chair, Uqqurmiut Inuit Artists Association

Recent months have been hard on the artistic community of Pangnirtung with the passing of well-known printmaker Enookie Akulukjuk, graphic artist Ananaisie Alikatuktuk, and just recently, Joanasie Maniapik, Chair of the Uqqurmiut Inuit Artists Association, the organizing force behind the Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts & Crafts. The 2007 Pangnirtung Community Print Collection will be dedicated to these three individuals who have contributed so much to keeping the arts alive in their community and to community life in general.

Enookie Akulukjuk, master printmaker and annual participant in the Pangnirtung Community Print Collection since 1985, passed away in hospital in Ottawa in mid-December 2006, after a long battle with heart disease. Enookie was born in 1943 in Illunganjuit (Bon Accord), a small community that no longer exists, on Baffin Island. The son of Malaya Akulukjuk, one of Pangnirtung’s most famous artists, he resided in Pangnirtung since 1964. Enookie was among the first printmakers to take up the art after it was introduced in Pangnirtung in the early 1970s. His early printmaking experiences were in the medium of silkscreen. Over the years he also produced a number of beautiful etchings, mastering this technique that utilizes copper and zinc plates. Ultimately,Enookie became a specialist in stencil printing, or pochoir, a technique that he enjoyed for its easy handling and simplicity of design. His stencil prints are characterized by a high level of technical virtuosity, demonstrating smooth, even brush work, softly blended colours, and a level of mastery that he achieved through over thirty years of printmaking experience. As with most of the Pangnirtung printmakers, many of Enookie’s prints are interpretations of original drawings produced by various community artists, including those of his common-law wife and founding chairperson of the Uqqurmiut Inuit Artists Association, Rose Okpik. However, he also regularly created his own original imagery, capturing the playful movements of wildlife, such as seals and birds, with his use of a repetitive patterning technique. Enookie was also a skilled woodworker and participated in the hand-carved signmaking program at the Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts & Crafts. Examples of his wood-carving skill presently adorn building exteriors in various communities in Nunavut. Enookie Akulukjuk also lived for hunting, fishing and camping on the land, especially during the spring and summer seasons. All his life, he retained strong memories of his experiences from a time before settlement in communities like Pangnirtung became the norm. With his charming, gentle personality and ready, warm smile, Enookie was a wonderful presence in the print shop. Enookie Akulukjuk is survived by four brothers and four sisters, and he is greatly missed by all who knew him.

Ananaisie Alikatuktuk was a graphic artist and carver who produced hundreds of drawings for the archives held at the Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts & Crafts in Pangnirtung. Ananaisie passed away in January 2007 in Pangnirtung after a long illness. Born in 1944, he grew up on Paallavvik, near Broughton Island. Eventually he relocated to Pangnirtung where he worked as a janitor and school bus driver. In 1976, two of his drawings were published for the first time as Pangnirtung prints. One of them, a stonecut printed by his brother Thomasie, entitled, “Taleelayu and Family,” has become a highly sought collector’s item. Ananaisie came from a family of artists. In addition to his brother, Thomasie, who is a master printmaker and former mainstay of the Pangnirtung Print Collections before moving to Iqaluit, his sister, Annie Pitsiulak, has produced many drawings for the Pangnirtung archives. Ananaisie’s second brother, Alan, has also produced numerous drawings that have been utilized in prints and tapestries. Ananaisie was father to eight children and is survived by two sisters, two brothers, children and grandchildren.

Joanasie Maniapik was Chair of the Uqqurmiut Inuit Artists Association, the all-Inuit governing body that was formed in 1988 with a mandate to keep the arts alive in Pangnirtung. He served as Chair of this organization for the past four years, in addition to serving as a board member for Uqqurmiut Arts & Crafts, the governing body for the marketing and sales company known as the Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts & Crafts, which administers the annual Pangnirtung Community Print Collection. A skilled politician and facilitator, he also served as Mayor of Pangnirtung for many years. Born in 1936, Joanasie began rearing a family on the land but eventually settled in Pangnirtung, which became his permanent home. Here he became active in the community and served on many local committees and boards in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, in particular for Pangnirtung. Joanasie possessed a combination of enthusiasm, optimism and persistence that is so much an essential character of a skilled hunter. He will be remembered by his family, friends and the community for helping in many capacities. He served for many years as Hamlet Councillor and Deputy Mayor, and in April, 2002, he received recognition for his long years of service as Pangnirtung’s Mayor from 1984-2000. Joanasie leaves his wife Sarah from their relationship spanning 51 years, his children Jevua, Noah, Lodie, Sheila, Meeka and Monica, his 11 brothers and sisters, and many grand- and great-grandchildren. His son, Noah Maniapik, has been a regular participant in the annual Pangnirtung Print Collections in recent years. Regrettably, Noah had to withdraw this year due to his father’s sudden passing on May 4th, 2007. Joanasie leaves a legacy to carry on his wisdom and knowledge of the land and Inuit way of life. He would have wished his family and friends to remember him by working together and possessing an outlook of living life to the fullest, as he did himself.


In keeping with the long-standing practice of retiring deceased artists’ imagery from further use in new collections, the 2007 Pangnirtung Community Print Collection will mark the last time that work by Enookie Akulukjuk and Ananaisie Alikatuktuk will be used. A complete list of graphic works by these two men that have been made into prints and tapestries can be obtained upon request.

Peter Wilson, General  Manager

With Andrew Dialla and Nancy Anilniliak

Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts & Crafts

Pangnirtung, May 2007


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